Three Jerry Lewis Classics

In DVD/Blu-ray by Samuel Love

One of the most celebrated American funnymen, Jerry Lewis – nicknamed ‘The King of Comedy’ – starred in some 60 films and directed 13. While his most famous remains The Nutty Professor and indeed his most infamous remains The Day the Clown Cried (which remains unreleased in any form), many of his other films are begging to be rediscovered and enjoyed by new audiences. 

Signal One Entertainment have given the Blu-ray treatment to three hidden classics; 1958’s Rock-A-Bye Baby, 1962’s It’s Only Money, and 1963’s Who’s Minding the Store. These films offer a perfect introduction to Lewis’ comedic stylings, while also providing plentiful laughs for long-time fans – although they surely won’t win over anybody who’s never ‘got’ Lewis’ style. The madcap films are often exhausting in their non-stop jokes from the unbridled Lewis, but those who are on board with his comedic chaos will have a lot of fun.

The films look and sound about as good as one can expect on Blu-ray, with nicely cleaned up transfers across the three. Bonus features are lacking with none to be found on any of the three releases, although SDH subtitles are included for those who require them.

These Jerry Lewis classics are unlikely to win over any of the King of Comedy’s detractors, but fans will have an absolute ball with these three gems.

It’s Only Money [Out Now]

Lester March (Lewis) aspires to be a private investigator like his friend, Pete Flint. When Lester catches wind of an elderly electronics mogul, who is searching for her nephew, he decides to try his hand at sleuthing. Soon Lester, who looks remarkably like the missing man, is involved in a plot to gain the family’s riches, and he runs afoul of the scheming lawyer Gregory DeWitt.

Rock-A-Bye Baby [Released 06 March 2023]

Clayton Poole (Lewis) still has feelings for his old high school girlfriend, Carla Naples. However, Carla is now a glamorous movie star and the pregnant wife of a Mexican bullfighter. When her husband is tragically killed and she needs to keep the baby a secret, the star turns to Clayton for help. He is thrilled at the prospect of acting as babysitter. But Carla neglects to tell him she’s had triplets…

Who’s Minding the Store? [Released 06 March 2023]

Barbara is in love with Norman (Lewis), the man who looks after her poodle. But she has a secret: She’s the daughter of a wealthy society couple and worth more than Norman will ever make. When her mother, Phoebe, finds out about Barbara’s relationship, she sends Norman to work a series of increasingly humiliating jobs at the family’s department store. Norman tries to please his cruel boss, Mr. Quimby, and win Barbara’s hand in marriage.