Tom Hanks Has A Hologram For The King

In News by Alex Moss Editor

Tom Hanks, last seen in various guises for Cloud Atlas, is set to reunite with one of his Atlas directors Tom Tykwer to adapt Dave Eggers’ A Hologram For The King.  The story will see Hanks as a failing businessman who realises that America has little left to offer him.  So he heads to an emerging Saudi Arabian city in the hope that if he can achieve something memorable there he’ll re-start his career while having the added benefit of being able to pay for his daughter’s college tuition.  Tykwer is already adapting Eggers’ book to script and while the project doesn’t have funding yet, with his and Hanks’ names attached it will surely be forthcoming.  Hanks will next be seen in Paul Greengrass’ Captain Philips before getting his Mary Poppins on for Saving Mr. Banks.  Source – Deadline