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Top 5 Sci-Fi Love Stories

The long-awaited THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU starring Matt Damon and Emily Blunt is out on DVD and Blu-ray, available on 4 Jul. The film offers an intriguing premise based on a short story by legendary science fiction writer Phillip K Dick. It poses the question do we control our own fate?

The Adjustment Bureau is a secret organisation of watchers who have controlled people’s destiny since the turn of time. David Norris (Matt Damon) is a young charismatic politician who is destined for greatness but when he has a chance encounter with beautiful dancer Elise Sellas (Emily Blunt) he instantly falls for her and veers off the path that the adjustment team has in-store for him. The Bureau is determined to keep the pair apart but the couple are equally unwavering in their love for each other. It’s the age old Romeo & Juliet scenario of forbidden love. Can David Norris fight against his destiny and keep the woman he loves.

Matt Damon and Emily Blunt’s on screen chemistry is scintillating, combine this with a incredible science fiction premise and you have proof that Sci Fi and Romance can happily live side by side. With this in mind, we thought it only appropriate to pay homage to the top five films that have successfully married these to genres together


The romantic element to this film is undeniable. Neo and Trinity’s love affair reaches the core of the Matrix trilogy. The audience and Trinity are given a vital piece of information by the fortune from the oracle. The prediction is based on the man Trinity falls in love with, who is the ‘one’. As the story unfolds we are given an insight into both Neo and Trinity’s subtle love affair which leads us to believe that Neo could be the ‘one’. It is not until the fateful kiss between the pair that results in Neo claiming his title as the ‘one’. This symbolic kiss revives Neo and wakes him to find strength to continue and eventually save the Matrix. The love story is hidden within the layers of the Matrix giving the film a humanist element in the depths of a computer world. To Order The Complete Matrix Trilogy [Blu-ray] Go Here or Matrix Trilogy 3-Disc Set: The Matrix, Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolutions [DVD], Go Here.

The Fifth Element

Leeloo (Mila Jolavich), the perfect being, is sent protect humanity from a great impending evil. Leeloo incidentally lands in a flying Taxi cab in New York in the year 2263 where she comes face to face with Korben Dallas (Bruce Willis), an ex major in the Federated Army’s Special Forces, current taxi Driver. Together the pair work together to unearth the four magical stones to defend the earth and save humanity. In one symbolic moment Dallas declares his love from Leeloo, this has a profound effect on Leeloo as she realises that love is worth saving. The love story in The Fifth Element is integral, without the love affair Leeloo would be compelled to leave humanity to perish but instead they continue to fight on to protect the earth. To Order on DVD, Go Here Or on Blu-ray, Go Here.

Star Wars

Hans Solo and princess Leia have had the archetypal love affair and It was this science fiction film in which a traditional love story truly blossomed. From the moment Hans Solo saved Princess Leia from the captive station Falcon, the audience were aware of their romance. Throughout the Star Wars trilogy Princess Leia and Hans Solo’s love affair has been a recurring theme, that made the two characters help save and protect each other in various adventures. Unlike most Science fiction love stories this one ended in marriage and children. To Pre-order Star Wars: The Complete Saga Go Here

Saturn 3

In this 1980’s science fiction film our lovers Adam (Kirk Douglas) and Alex (Farah Fawcett) are stationed together in a remote base of the asteroid fields of Saturn. Hiding under the layers of science fictions is a tragic love story. Hector the android robot (connected to bloody thirsty Benson who has a love of Alex) tries his best to get between Alex and Adam. Adam tries to save Alex and the moonbase from the deadly robot, whilst simultaneously saving himself from Benson. The fate of the two is tragic, as Adam is killed in the final scene and Alex leaves the moonbase to return to earth alone. This is an example of a truly modern film with classic themes of love and tragedy running throughout. To Order on DVD, Go Here .


This film happily ties love and science fiction neatly together. This slow paced film brings together two robots left alone in a post-apocalyptic earth. We have been given a private insight into their first incidental meeting and from that their heart-warming relationship begins. Many of the moments between the pair of robots have a believable and touching effect. Before Wall-E one would find it hard to imagine animated robots illustrating such raw human emotions. Wall-E and Eve work together to save the world from total destruction in true science fiction style. But it is the love story that brings life to this otherwise potentially bleak film. To Order on DVD, Go Here, Or on Blu-ray, Go Here.

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