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It is the last installment of Harry Potter and it ends with the film’s stars in the multi-millionare bracket. Emma Watson is just out of her teens

It is the last installment of Harry Potter and it ends with the film’s stars in the multi-millionare bracket. Emma Watson is just out of her teens and now in university whilst holding the title of the highest paid female star in Hollywood beating the likes of established stars such as Cameron Diaz, Angelina Jolie and Sarah Jessica Parker. Here’s a look at the industry top earners, with a few surprises.

Harry Potter / Daniel RadcliffeDaniel Radcliffe made a home run (well almost) for the Brits, with estimated earnings of $41m – $20 for each of the final two installment and bankin a further $1m for royalties and other revenue streams. Not bad for a geek.

Hermione / Emma WatsonEmma Watson. Earlier this year, the Harry Potter actress was named Hollywood’s highest paid female actor with a reported income of $31m in 2009. That was £10 million per each final installment of the sequel. Damn, gyal.

Greenberg / Ben StillerBen Stiller heads the top of the comedian league with a $40 m total for 2009 that include the Little Fookers, Greenberg and Night At The Museum. Actually there’s a whole lot more, including his role as excuctive producer on an animated and indie film.

Angels & Demons  / Tom HanksTom Hanks – a likely contender on such as list with a mere $36m in the bank last year but worth mentioning considering Angels & Demons was not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it did net him $19m alone; not to mention his voiceover work for Toy Story 3 – a wee $15

Tyler PerryTyler Perry pulled it out of the bag and to reach a wider audience, with Precious, but this guy is already a brand of his own with a series of films such as Madea Goes to Jail, I Can Do Bad By Myself and Family That Preys. Little known on UK shores, Perry was laughing all the way to the bank last year with $32.5 million in earnings.

Funny People / Adam SandlerAdam Sandler Weird, huh? Most of his films may be consider mediocre at best yet this man manages to maintain a solid fan base that devotedly pushed his earnings up to $31.5 million last year with the likes of Grown Ups, Born to Be a Star and Zookeeper.

Denzel Washingston / Deja VuDenzel Washingston: As the UK waits for the release of Unstoppable, that and The Book of Eli helped swell his bank balance with a cool $31m.

Steve CarellSteve Carell topped the likes of Clooney, Jolie and even De Niro with $25 million for his top performances in Date Night, Dinner for Schmucks and Despicable Me. Way to go.

Sarah Jessica Parker / SATC 2Sarah Jessica Parker SATC 2 may have taken a box-office knock, but a hefty acting fee of £15m must have eased the pain. Her bucks? $24m.

Katherine Heigl / Life As We Know ItKatherine Heigl Current it girl for Hollywood rom-coms, the blonde bombshell netted £24 m for the likes of Killers and Life As We Know It. Not bad a job when it involves kissing the hottest hunks in the industry.

Fight Club / Brad PittBrad Pitt earned less that his current squeeze Angelina Jolie (($21) and former wife Jennifer Aniston ($20 m) with a piddly $13 m with his best paid gig, in 2009, for voice work on Megamind. Well, he is pretty enough to be a kept man if need be.

Leonardo DiCaprio got the motherload of a paydays, banking more than $50 million, last year, for Inception. And it continues to rise. For every ticket sold, he earns a percentage from every dollar made. Thus far, Inception has brought in a cool $570 million, worldwide. Here’s a few more surprises: Hollywood ‘Did You know’ list.

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