True Romance – 4K

In DVD/Blu-ray by Samuel Love

Hans Zimmer’s iconic theme. Christopher Walken and Dennis Hopper’s ‘Sicilian scene’. Gary Oldman’s crazy performance. True Romance is certainly a film packed with unforgettable elements, and almost 30 years on, the complete product remains one of the best films of its era.

What else can be said about True Romance? Written by a young Quentin Tarantino and directed by the late, great Tony Scott, this cult classic is a fast-paced thrill-ride that has everything you could possibly want from cinema: a stellar ensemble cast, a compelling plot, sharp dialogue, genuinely shocking moments, and an authentic love story that lives up to its title. The film is utterly sublime from top to bottom, with the blending of Tarantino’s subversive writing and Scott’s keen eye for breathless thrills creating a masterpiece of the genre that could confidently stand as the finest film in both of the key creative’s filmographies. Yes, True Romance is vastly superior to Pulp Fiction and I’ll die on this hill. 

Rereleased in a beautiful 4K package from Arrow, the film has never looked or sounded better. The film’s stylish colours pop more than ever, creating a bold and distinctive visual experience that immediately makes all previous releases of the film totally superfluous. Packing both cuts in glorious 4K along with a generous wealth of new and archival special features, this definitive release of the cult classic has been put together with a clear love for the film. Also included is a 60-page booklet that features, among other things, Edgar Wright’s poignant 2012 eulogy for Tony Scott. One could consider this entire release to be something of a tribute to the filmmaker and his immense body of iconic works.

One of the slickest and most stylish thrillers of the 90s, True Romance looks and sounds better than ever before in this stunning 4K package from Arrow. 

TRUE ROMANCE is available on 4K UHD from Arrow Video on 19 July 2021