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True Romance – 4K

Hans Zimmer’s iconic theme. Christopher Walken and Dennis Hopper’s ‘Sicilian scene’. Gary Oldman’s crazy performance. True Romance is certainly a film packed with unforgettable elements, and almost 30 years on, the complete pro...

Films To Fall For This Valentine’s Day

We Brits have been accused of being rather emotionally distant – celebrating anniversaries with a chaste peck on the cheek and the satisfied nod of a job well done. The tidal wave of heart-shaped merchandise that overwhelms the...


FilmJuice’s Favourite Movies Part One

Here at FilmJuice we are all a little obsessed with movies and if there’s one question we get asked a lot it’s: “What is your favourite movie?” – seeing as that would be like choosing a favourite child, or Ghostbuster (okay Ven...