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Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2

So after hundreds of debates between haters and Twi-hards

So after
hundreds of debates between haters and Twi-hards, pastiches and parodies,
screams and sighs, what will the last Twilight
film have in store for you?
If Hollywood’s annual anti-Oscars, The
is anything to go by, then it is potentially the worst film ever
made. Well Razzie committee, you clearly haven’t seen Keith Lemon: The Movie
or Project X because Breaking Dawn Part 2 is a million times
better than those films. In fact it’s not even the worst Twilight film.

The unfair criticism that has befallen the Twilight films is
that it pandered to its younger audience and taught them amoral life lessons.
Although this may be true, it also attempted to do something completely
different with vampires and werewolves. If you can get over that these monsters
glitter in sunlight and have impeccable physiques then you may just enjoy it.
After all this is a weird story, so just revel in it.

Breaking Dawn Part 2 does still suffer from the same few
problems that have been ripe throughout the series. Yet there are enough laughs
and decapitations within it that would see any snobby film fan take pleasure in
its glory. That’s right laughs and

Following on literally a few days after Breaking Dawn
Part 1
, we find Bella is now a fully turned vampire after giving
birth to her half-vamp-half-human daughter, the awkwardly named Reneseme. Whilst
everything is seemingly rosy, things take a turn for the worse when another
vampire Irinia (played by Taken and Lost star Maggie Grace), sees the child doing
very vampire like things. The problem is; it is strongly prohibited to turn a
child into a vampire, due to children’s instability and lack of control. Not
knowing the true origin of the child, Irinia informs the evil Volturi of
the Cullen’s crime. When the Cullen’s resident oracle Alice learns
of the Volturi’s planned visit, the family set about assembling a clan of
vampires to prove the infants legitimacy. It’s not quite The Avengers or
Seven Samurai but it works.

Before the good, there are negatives to be seen here. And it
is with a great regret to admit that the same flaws that have dogged the series
are once again evident here. The CGI is terrible. You would think that a
franchise that has earned this much money and had a reported budget of $120
million could at least afford to employ some good special effects gurus. Sadly
they haven’t. Things look extremely ropey and manage to make the likes of Sharktopus
look convincing. One particularly unforgivable sin is the CGI baby. Until she
resembles a fully-grown six or seven year old, Renesme has a CGI face. Quite
why a normal baby or toddler couldn’t suffice is unclear but every time you see
the poor child it’s laughable. Another sour point is the insipid soundtrack.
This is a film about vampires and werewolves, fighting. It should have a cool
soundtrack. A fitting orchestral score would have been nice. Except we get Taylor
moaning over the majority of the images and it’s just boring.
Twilight is an interesting story, full of intrigue and ideas. By dumbing the
product down to appeal to a younger audience, they actually alienate a much
larger fan base. Also, about half an hour could have been cut from it. The
first 30 minutes is pretty insufferable. All it consists of is good looking
people, standing around looking pretty smug with themselves. It doesn’t need to
be there and is nothing more than filler.

Now for the good stuff. A problem they had when coming into
this film is the ending. Bigger issue, the source material; Stephenie Meyer’s book, doesn’t have an
ending. It just stops. To end a global franchise like this would have been
disastrous. What they have chosen to do instead, is absolute genius. Without
revealing too much it involves a lot of heads getting ripped off and
unbelievably graphic violence. For a 12 rated film, it makes The Expendables
look like My Little Pony. Everybody involved looks like they are
having a tremendous amount of fun. Perhaps it’s because they are wrapping up a
series they have spent the best part of five years working on, but nobody seems
embarrassed to be there and aren’t bogged down by a shoddy script. One man once
again though, stands head and shoulders above the rest. Michael Sheen. Being
one of the best actors in the world helps but as the head of the Volturi, Sheen
is masterful. Camping it up to high heaven, he has the most maniacal laugh and
all the best lines. If anything disqualifies Breaking Dawn Part 2 from being a
bad film it is Sheen and Sheen alone.

So there you have it. The conclusion to one of the most
maligned and beloved movie franchises ever made. Not everything has worked
along the way (talking werewolves, abusive partners) and it will never shake
its tarnished reputation but you have to give it hand. Twilight has managed to
become one of the most discussed series in recent memory. It has addressed
celibacy and angst in an interesting way and given females a world worth
investing in. It will never scale the heights of Let the Right One In but
it’s a darn sight more entertaining than those turgid Underworld films.
Breaking Dawn Part 2 may not be the best in the series and its wafer thin plot
may test patience but it is a fitting end to a problematic story.

Farewell Bella, Edward and Jacob. It’s been
quite something.

Alex Moss Editor

Alex Moss’ obsession with film began the moment he witnessed the Alien burst forth from John Hurt’s stomach. It was perhaps ill-advised to witness this aged 6 but much like the beast within Hurt, he became infected by a parasite called ‘Movies’. Rarely away from his computer or a big screen, as he muses on Cinematic Deities, Alex is “more machine now than man. His mind is twisted and evil”. Email:

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