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TWO BY TWO Ooops… The Ark Has Gone


It’s the end of the world and a huge flood is coming, large enough to wipe out every creature on the planet! Make sure you jump on board with Dave, Finny and the rest of the animals and catch TWO BY TWO swimming your way on DVD and Digital Download on 24th August 2015, featuring the voice of BBC Radio 2 and The One Show’s Chris Evans.

With warnings of a flood sweeping the land, the animals travel to the safety of the Ark. Animals are boarding two by two – Lions, Gorillas, Hippos, Nestrians…. Wait a minute, Nestrians?! Unluckily for father Dave and son Finny, Nestrians aren’t allowed on to the ark! Sneaking on board with a bit of imagination, a spot of luck and the involuntary help of a couple of ferocious Grymps, Hazel and her daughter Leah, they think they’re safe… until the two curious kids fall off the Ark.

From the animators of The Gruffalo’s Child and Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, TWO BY TWO tells the story of how new friends Finny and Leah struggle to survive the rising waters and hungry predators, as they attempt to reach the top of a mountain to find their parents. Through good times and bad, the pair must learn to work together and brave the elements in their quest to find higher ground – with the help of some unlikely friends!

As Finny and Leah continue their journey, their parents, on board the Ark, must set aside their differences and hatch a plan to make it back in time to rescue their kids!

Inspired by the story of Noah’s Ark, TWO BY TWO is a heart-warming and hilarious animated feature that’s fun for all the family, and is available to own on DVD and Digital Download from 24th August 2015 courtesy of Entertainment One.

RELEASE INFORMATION Title: TWO BY TWO Release Date: 24TH AUGUST 2015 Certificate: U Genre: FAMILY Runtime: 87 minutes