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To celebrate the release of the follow-up to the blockbuster that launched the career of the world’s most outrageous bear action-packed, TED 2 is released on Blu-ray and DVD from 23rd November 2015, we’re giving TWO lucky winners a copy of the Blu-ray!

TED 2 sees Seth McFarlane return as writer, director and voice star, and Mark Wahlberg (Transformers: Age of Extinction, Lone Survivor) starring as John Bennett, with the thunder buddies for life being joined by ally Samantha L. Jackson played by Amanda Seyfried (Mamma Mia!, Les Misérables) as they fight for Ted’s freedom.

In the years since we last saw John and Ted, they’re both still living the beer-swilling, pot-infused dream in Boston. Although John is now a bachelor, Ted has settled down with trashy Tami-Lynn. As marital problems begin to affect the newlyweds, they decide to have a baby in order to save their marriage but their hopes are crushed when Ted is declared to not be a person, but property, and therefore ineligible to adopt. He is fired from his job at the grocery store and his marriage is annulled.

Angry and dejected, Ted and his best pal enlist a young, medical-marijuana aficionada (Seyfried) as their lawyer and head to court. But when Ted loses his case, the three must venture on a road trip to New York in a last-ditch effort to persuade a legendary civil rights attorney (Oscar® winner Morgan Freeman of The Shawshank Redemption, Wanted) to take on their appeal.

Get ready for classic, furry good looks, unparalleled swagger and a penchant for pot-fueled humour and sexually charged antics as the fight to legalise the unlikely leading man begins, as TED 2 is released on Blu-ray and DVD from 23rd November 2015.

Competition Question

Who voices Ted?

a) Seth Green

b) Seth McFarlane

c) Seth Lord

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