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Xmas Stocking

Let’s be honest, as film fans there is only one thing we really wish for at Christmas and that’s films. So, to make your letter to Father Christmas easier…

Let’s be honest, as film fans there is only one thing we really wish for at Christmas and that’s films. So, to make your letter to Father Christmas easier Filmjuice has put together a list of the best films that could potentially fill your stockings this festive season.

Alien Anthology Box-Set

Frankly this is the daddy of all franchise box-sets. No stone is left unturned, well other than David Fincher’s notable absence, in this stunning collection. Given that Sir Ridley Scott is currently working on not one but, potentially, two Alien prequels what better way to build up anticipation than with the first four films in the Xenomorph story. Rendered in glorious HD for the first time this set, previously released on DVD as The Alien Quadrilogy (thankfully that title has been spewed out like and angry Chest burster), contains all four films as well as directors cuts. Littered with enough extras to keep you salivating like a Queen Alien in heat this is the quintessential Alien fans paradise. Stocking Rating: 5/5


The year’s biggest, and most exciting film, hits the home format just in time to revel in it over the holiday period. Christopher Nolan plays with so many ideas this is a film that demands repeat viewing. The special effects are staggering and the multi-layered plot is a revelation in a popcorn driven industry. Now, if we could only figure out whose dream we’re in so as to pre-order it. Stocking Rating: 5/5

The Twilight Saga; Eclipse

Love it or hate it The Twilight Saga shows no signs of going away. Thankfully Eclipse is fangs in the best of the series so far. With exciting set-pieces and a wry sense of humour it shows, like the Harry Potter films, that it is growing into itself. With Hard Candy director David Slade at the helm, Eclipse injects a visual flourish as well as a more believable emotional core into the saga. No matter the household this is one disc that will be watched over and over again. Stocking Rating: 3/5

Toy Story 3

Where to start? It’s Toy Story, it’s Pixar and it’s possibly the best 3rd part in a trilogy of all time. What Pixar do so brilliantly is to make films that appeal to all age groups. Toy Story 3 will have adults and children delighting from beginning to end. It is a rare that a film starring computer created characters can have such an enormous heart at its core and even more startling to contain a scene where genuine emotion and peril are so apparent. Disney never short change on the extras on the Toy Story disks either so even when the film is over you will be able to delve into the creative musings of those wonderful man-childs at Pixar. Stocking Rating: 5/5.

How To Train Your Dragon

An animated film of pure fun that is not from Pixar is a rare thing indeed but How To Train Your Dragon achieves it in every way. Following the adventures of the Viking Hiccup and his dragon Toothless the film flies thanks to some smart writing and great voice talent. Maybe one for the family but certainly allows the grown-ups in on the action and will keep everyone entertained on a cold night. Stocking Rating: 4/5

The A-Team

Utterly over the top, hugely brainless and endless fun as a result of both. This proved to be one of the few TV to film conversions that worked. Crucial to this is director Joe Carnahan’s ability to take the concept of the TV show and infuse it with a cinematic extravagance. The cast are key perfect, especially the scene stealing Sholto Copley as Murdock, and there is even a brilliant John Hamm cameo to revel in. Stocking Rating: 3/5

Avatar Extended Collector’s Edition

The biggest film of all time gets bigger in this director’s cut version bursting with tree of life seeds, and extras. Don’t believe the naysayers, Avatar in 2D is just as staggering as 3D and if anything allows you to more fully absorb the visuals that Cameron so painstakingly created. That the maestro himself is currently working on a sequel who knows what tasty morsels we might find hidden in the extras of this disk. Nav’i sex perhaps, oh wait he already did that. Stocking Rating: 5/5

Wah Do Dem

Just to show that we’re not all about big bangs and aliens this is a delightful little art-house movie that manages to remain accessible to all. It is essentially a Lost In Translation road trip as a lone traveller finds himself stranded in Jamaica and sets out on a journey to get to the American Embassy in the country’s capital Kingston. Along the way he meets all manner of odd balls and friends in a tale that acts as a wake-up call to those of us happy to let life pass us by. Stocking Rating: 4/5


Forget those clunky films where the dreadlocked hunters had to fight those pesky Aliens this film is a hark back to the Arnie starring original. Adrien Brody takes the lead in a fun, almost Apocalypse Now style, adventure. Bringing back the violent, macho ways of the early Predator films means that director Nimrod Antal can let loose on the biggest game reserve in the universe. Frankly who doesn’t want to see a Predator stand off against a samurai-wielding assassin? “Any time”. Stocking Rating: 4/5


The director of the utterly brilliant Cube puts a creepy spin on the Frankenstein concept with thought provoking results. Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley play scientists who create a hybrid creature that grows increasingly human like but with a deadly animal instinct. If the concept doesn’t float your boat maybe the gore level and thrill factor will. Stocking Rating: 4/5

Sex And The City 2

The girls return with more musing on life, love and shoes. This time they jet off to Abu Dhabi in order to get away from it all. OK so it’s cheesy and painted with broad strokes but with this many pretty out-fits on offer and the character chemistry as good as ever this will certainly be a big seller this Christmas. Stocking Rating: 3/5

Iron Man 2

Robert Downey Jnr brings the wonderfully smug Tony Stark to life once again for fun blockbuster frolics. This time he’s up against the mouth-watering prospect of The Wrestler himself Mikey Rourke as well as the delightfully cocky Sam Rockwell. In many ways Iron Man is the lighter side of the superhero genre but due to this it makes for an ideal Christmas present with something for everyone. Stocking Rating: 4/5

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