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The Bay

Considering he’s got an Oscar on the shelf Barry Levinson has been out of the big league for a long time now and The Bay, a found-footage biofear horror, will go little way to resolving that.

Sleep Tight

How well do you know the people that cross your path each day? Probably not too well if Sleep Tight, a taut, psychological thriller from Spain, is anything to go by. It’s not about knowing your friends.  Or even your coll...


Beasts of the Southern Wild DVD

The Bathtub, setting for Beasts of the Southern Wild, is one of those places that is so far in the margins of America that is pretty much off the page.

The Last Days of Dolwyn

We’ll keep a welcome in the hillside, we’ll keep a welcome in the vales; this land you knew will still be singing, when you come home again to Wales.


Dance Hall

Ealing throws the kitchen sink at an early attempt at youth drama, with mixed results.

I Against I DVD

So here we are again, back in the morally ambiguous landscape of London’s underworld. Gangsters, marks, hit-men and birds. Bored yet? Don’t worry, this won’t take long.


Southern Comfort

In Louisiana, in 1973, a rag-tag body of men set out into the swamp for some National Guard training.

Beasts of the Southern Wild

By – Edward Boff   First thing to get clear; any resemblance to the film that the marketing for Beasts of the Southern Wild is promoting and the actual film is purely coincidental. The posters and trailers make this ...


Hell Is A City

Through the city night a police car passes under the lights, its occupants there to protect and serve the bustling metropolis.

The Landlord

File under: where have you been all my life?