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There has been an ill-informed thread of marketing surrounding this film that has packaged Abduction as a teenBourne. This would imply that Taylor Lautner, twi-hard candy and grade A brooder, would be a young hopeful clone of M...

Last Night

It’s been a quiet year on the big screen for our Keira. Shying away from her role as Elizabeth Swan in the latest Pirates of the Caribbean motion was perhaps the wisest move of her career, opting instead for the stage in Childr...


His and Hers

It’s a common belief that the happenings of everyday life can at times be funnier than anything ever scripted. Sometimes it’s intentional, sometimes it’s something other people wouldn’t even notice, and ...

Patagonia Cinema Review

The latest in Marc Evan’s list of quiet but impressive accomplishments is Patagonia. Criss-crossing between the lives of two women as they embark upon multi dimensional journeys, the catalyst for events is a remote pocket...


Passenger Side

When the words “Thinking man’s Judd Apatow” are used to describe Canadian road film Passenger Side it’s hard not to think of a front of witty dick jokes punctuated heartfelt, sometimes overbearing moment...

The Way

A film addressing the relationship between father and middle aged son, sprawled across the European countryside and 90% involving Martin Sheen walking was never going to scream to the youth of today.


Meek's Cut Off

Trying to explain the premise of Kelly Reichardt’s new feature to a six year old is no easy task. “So they’re just walking through the dessert?” “Yes.” “And it’s not funny or exciting or sad?” “No.””That sounds really normal.”