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Fire In Babylon

These days with the likes of global warming, terrorism, social oppression and the small matter of the economic collapse preoccupying documentary maker’s minds, it’s very rare we are presented with a heat-felt documentry documen...

Julia’s Eyes

Cinema-goers will undoubtedly be drawn to Julia’s Eyes by the names attached to it – Guillermo del Toro (director of Pans Labyrinth), actress Belén Rueda and production company Rodar y Rodar, all of whom made their previo...



How important is it to be aware of your parentage and heritage? In many multi-cultural societies, mixed up of East and West, children are unaware of their parent’s very different childhoods and the actual relevance it has on th...


Devotees of the Marvel comic book adaptations were, no doubt, rubbing their hands together in excitement when it was revealed that Thor was coming to the big screen.


Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale Cinema Review

Don’t be misled by the seemingly innocent title; this is no typical feel-good Christmas tale of divorced parents who reunite for Christmas or a chubby Santa with a white beard and a sleigh. This is a new type of Christmas...