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Premiere Ways

Do you remember VHS, waiting three years for new films to come on TV and Blockbuster Video’s annoying late fees? If you do we, ahem, won’t ask your age, because like Jean Claude Van Dame’s career, these are all

Valentine’s Day

Roses, heart shaped chocolates and stuffed teddies galore: yep, cupid is puckering his bow and arrow and is ready shoot – it must be St Valentine’s Day coming soon! Whether you’re locking yourself in with a group of frien...


Producer Kris Thyker

You may not be familiar with Kris Thykier’s name, but he has an impressive list of British films under his producer belt: Stardust, Harry Brown, Kick Ass, and most recently, Nazi hunter film The Debt.


Absent parents and dispassionate youth make


Heidi's Choice

Here at Filmjuice a storm has been brewing like a well-timed cup of tea. That storm is the raging debate as to what films were the best of 2011.

Film Xmas

Weird stuff for the Christmas stocking for a film geek… .



You only need to mention the name ‘Martin Scorsese’ and any self-respecting film goer’s ears will prick-up. This week, no doubt, you’ll be hearing a lot alongside the hype around his hotly anticipated new film, which, most surp...

Magic Trip

Post-World War II writers of the notorious free-spirited and drug lovin’ Beat generation have received renewed attention on the big screen of late.



It’s always interesting when comedians turn their hand at directing – there’s simply so much expectation and scope for things to go wrong. After all, writing and directing a feature-length script is a whole di...


Reg Traviss’ prison caper refreshingly focuses on the ‘screws’ instead of the prisoners but despite his sincere attempts to side-step obvious clichés and bring some depth; he never fully manages to shake off neither the clichés...