Batman: Hush

In DVD/Blu-ray by Paula Hammond - Features Editor

DC Universe Animated Original Movies are direct-to-video releases based on some of DC’s best-known and best-loved storylines.

Batman: Hush is their 13th outing in a series which, while done on a budget, are also done with flair, daring, and a whole-lot of fan love. You’re unlikely to find won’t find such adult themes, and major character dying in the MCU.

Taking place directly after the events of Reign Of The Supermen, Hush follows Batman (Jason O’Mara) as he faces a new threat from an opponent who seems to knows all of his secrets. Largely faithful to original Loeb and Lee comic book story—widely regarded as one of Batman’s best—the animation sees the dark detective pitted some of against his most famous foes, while simultaneously juggling a burgeoning relationship with Selina Kyle/Catwoman (Jennifer Morrison).

Despite such a promising premise, however, Hush doesn’t quite hit the mark. For a story that famously showcases old villains, there’s a marked lack of drama and, while it’s great to see Bats portrayed with real depth and human frailty, Hush struggles to give the concurrent storylines breathing space in the very tight 78 minute run time.

DC has some great material and the real shame is that, so far, it’s chosen to showcase them in this reductive format. Great though it is to see another DC animation release, you just know how really fantastic these iconic tales would be given a full, live-action treatment.