Ben Foster to star as Lance Armstrong

In News by Alex Moss Editor

Ben Foster, last seen opposite Mark Wahlberg in Contraband, is set to star as now infamous Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong.  Armstrong’s story was always going to be Hollywood material having beaten cancer and continued to beat cycling records but recent revelations about him using enhancement-performing steroids means the story takes a twist to the dark side.  Two films are already in development but the latest film sees The Queen and High Fidelity director Stephen Frears looking to team up with Working Title and Foster to tell the story of how Armstrong went from a seven-time Tour de France winner to the revelations of his illegal drug use.  There are two other films in development, one from Side Effects writer Scott Z. Burns while the other sees JJ Abrams and team adapting the book Cycle Of Lies: The Fall Of Lance Armstrong by Juliet Marcus and are rumoured to be eyeing Bradley Cooper for the title role.  It does seems as if Fears is first out of the gate though so could steal a march on the other projects, hopefully not illegally, to hit cinemas first.  Before that we’ll see Foster in Ain’t Them Bodies Saints and then Kill Your Darlings with Daniel Radcliffe.  Source – Deadline