Books Bring Screen Art Alive

In Features by Paula Hammond - Features Editor

This month, Titan Books looks set to delight fans with two new releases focussed on the art and artifice of film-making.

First-up is The Art & Making of Aladdin by Emily Zemler, which celebrates the upcoming movie. Showcasing the art of Disney’s live-action take on its own animated classic, the volume takes readers behind-the-scenes with a fascinating look at the development and production of a Hollywood blockbuster. However, The Art and Making Of Aladdin is more than a simple book-of-the-film. It’s a chronicle of the work of some of the hundreds of creatives who were tasked with reimagining a beloved film in a completely new format.

Inside the deluxe format, you’ll find 192 pages of exclusive material including interviews with the film’s director Guy Ritchie, famed Disney composer Alan Menken, alongside key cast and crew. But the real selling point here is the quality and sheer volume of images, from lavish concept art, to unit photography. Insight Editions, who worked with Titan on this volume are well-known for their innovative and collectable books. And this new release is sure to tick all the boxes for those who love both coffee-table books and film memorabilia.

Available from 14th May, The Art & Making of The Handmaid’s Tale takes the hit TV show, The Handmaid’s Tale, as its subject. Once again, fans get 192-pages of imagery and in-depth text–all designed to allow them to dive into the world of the show’s dystopian future. Forty-five exclusive cast and crew interviews provide insight into the inspiration behind the characters, settings, and themes, as well as its parallels to the real-world political climate. But, as the book’s title suggests, it’s the art that sits centre stage. Photographs, set photography, concept images, and costume sketches and designs, offer up a fascinating behind-the-scenes exploration of one of television’s most critically acclaimed shows.

The Art & Making Of The Handmaid’s Tale written by Andrea Robinson, is released on 14th May 2019. ISBN: 1789090547.

The Art & Making Of Aladdin written by Emily Zemler is released on 30th April 2019. ISBN: 1789092108.