Trek Alumni Offer Alternative Truths

In News by Paula Hammond - Features Editor

In February 2017, authors Phyllis Irene Radford, Bob Brown, and friends were discussing what they could do in response to Donald J. Trump becoming America’s 45th President.

“We decided” Bob says, “that what we could do was write. Join that noble tradition of using the pen to poke the powerful… Kellyanne Conway wasn’t the first political operative to apply flexibility to the truth. But she gave us the best ever description of the premise when she coined the phrase Alternative Facts…. not since the early days of the nation has such a mockery been made in the name of politics and in that vein we present Alternative Truths.”

That first anthology, Alternative Truths, became a surprise Amazon best-seller.

The sequel, More Alternative Truths, alongside companion volumes Alternative Theologies and After The Orange, have also sold well and established B Cubed Press as an indie publisher who not only punches well above their weight but who consistently attracts some of the biggest and brightest names in genre fiction.

Series authors to date include Jim Wright, of Stonekettle Station fame, Nebula-award winner Elizabeth Ann Scarborough (Healer’s War), Hugo, Campbell and Nebula-winner David Brin (The Postman), Adam Troy-Castro (Spiderman Sinister Six trilogy), Nebula-winner Vonda N McIntyre (Star Trek) and Hugo and Nebula-winner David Gerrold, who gifted the world The Martian Child and Star Trek’s Trouble With Tribbles.

Alternative Truths III: Endgame is the final volume in Alternative Truths series from B Cubed Press, edited by Bob Brown and Jess Faraday.

Featuring 30 of today’s best writers and political thinkers, the book takes a how a national nightmare of endless tweets and divisive policies, might end. 

Humour and satire reign supreme in this collection, as evidenced by the cover image (above).  If you want to laugh, read Jim Wright’s “Bathroom Breakdown,” a side-splitting vision of Donald J. Trump at his best or follow the antics of a beleaguered Attorney General in Debora Godfrey’s work, “No Excuses” as he tries to convince the President that he has tried and convicted Hillary Clinton.

This collection has visions of a better world as well. In Paula Hammond’s “Fortunate Son,” we explore what kind of man Donald Trump might have become had he answered his country’s call and served alongside his fellow Americans in the Vietnam War.

Most of all Endgame will make you think, with thought-provoking essays by the likes of David Gerrold and Adam-Troy Castro as they seek to share their understanding of how this happened and what do will we do.

A significant portion of the proceeds of this book are donated to the American Civil Liberties Union of Washington—a non-for-profit organisation whose stated mission is “to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties.”

Alternative Truths III: Endgame is available in print and electronic media from Amazon.
ISBN-13: 978-1-949476-05-7
Electronic ISBN-13: 978-1-949476-06-4

The book is priced at £4.55/$5.99 for the ebook and £9.30/$12.25 for print editions. 

The book is published by B Cubed Press who can be followed on Twitter @BCUBEDBOB