Could Bradley Cooper Be New Indiana Jones?

In News by Alex Moss Editor

Let’s be honest, Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skulls was by no means anyone’s favourite Indy outing.  But does that mean Indiana should be re-cast?  Latino Review are suggesting that while Harrison Ford is looking to return for Indiana Jones 5 that window of opportunity is getting smaller and smaller with the actor getting older and older.  If Harrison Ford is deemed too old to don the whip and fedora then Disney, who now own the rights to the Jones franchise, are rumoured to be ready to re-cast Ford in a James Bond style manner.  In other words the world would remain the same with a continuity between the new films and old ones but the man with the whip would look different.  Rumour has it that there are a number of names on the list of potential actors to play the new Indiana Jones but top of that list is said to be Bradley Cooper.  Cooper certainly has the dry delivery and action chops to play the role, see The A-Team as an example, but do we want this?  Would Indiana ever truly be Indiana without Harrison Ford?  In a world of remakes, reboots and everything in between it seems that Hollywood doesn’t care about sentimentality.  But what do you think?  Let us know in the comments below.  Source – Latino Review