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1-1000 DVD

21 Jump Street DVD

You might be forgiven for thinking that mining the ’80s for ideas has gone too far, but when a big screen remake of a little TV show acknowledges just that, you know
July 4, 2012


Made to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Xinhai Revolution, which heralded the end of China’s Qing dynasty, and starring Jackie Chan in his 100th role, 1911 promises to be an epic
March 19, 2012

44 Inch Chest

From the writers that gave us Sexy Beast and the best of British cast, this could have been the gangster hit that the UK has long-awaited but it literally pulls no punches.
May 26, 2011


Giles Borg’s 1234 tells the story of wannabe musicians as sweat their way telesales towards fame. A potential cult classic that stands out in its genre. Pop Idol, X Factor and a
May 26, 2011


What is it with Roland Emmerich? He seems to have developed his own genre of filmmaking: the worst-case scenario. From Independence Day to The Day After Tomorrow to his latest, 2012, whether
May 26, 2011

Noel Clarke has come a long way from his sidekick days in BBC’s Doctor Who. Playing Mickey, boyfriend to Billie Piper’s Rose in the hit show, may have helped him to become
May 26, 2011

22 Bullets

If you can get past the improbable concept that a man can survive a hail of 22 .45 calibre bullets, drag his holely self out of intensive care, set about on a
May 26, 2011
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