Dreams Of Life

In D, Films by Jack Jones

Dreams of a Life is Carol Morley’s inventive and affecting documentary about the mysterious circumstances surrounding a woman who lay dead in her flat for three years.

The Divide

In D, Films by David Watson

As a nuclear fireball engulfs New York,

The Deep Blue Sea

In D, Films by Alex Moss Editor

Sweeping romance and post-war social commentary abound in this hugely powerful period drama.

Dead, The

In D, DVD/Blu-ray by FilmJuice

“Zombies, man. They creep me out.” So says Dennis Hopper’s ruthless despot in George A. Romero’s Land Of The Dead. He’s not wrong. We love to be scared by the …

Days Of Heaven

In D, Films by Jack Jones

By Jack Jones Days of Heaven is arguably Terrence Malick’s greatest film. Whether you can actually call Malick’s on-screen creations films or a form of visual poetry is debatable but …


In D, Films by David Watson

High-octane…Adrenaline-fuelled…Pedal to the metal…Turbo-charged…Balls to the wall… These are all driving and speed-related clichés you’ll probably read in other reviews of Pusher director Nicolas Winding Refn’s crime thriller Drive so …

Devil's Double, The

In D, Films by Chris Patmore

They say that you should never believe everything you read in the papers, and with the current state of the tabloid press in the UK it has never been more …