Hunky Dory

In Films, H by Chris Patmore

When it comes to fictional portrayals of school life, the US and UK could not be more different.


In Films, H by David Watson

Roger (Aksel Hennie) is a guy who seems to have it all


In Films, H by David Watson

Loving the Lord a little too much, young novice nun Celine’s (Julie Sokolowski) spiritual devotion to Christ even freaks out the other, mostly elderly, nuns in its all-consuming passion.

Hammer Classics

In DVD/Blu-ray, H by Jack Jones

When you think of Hammer Film Productions it’s impossible not to think of all the classic, and not so classic, Hammer horror films that dominated the market until the closing …

Happy People: A Year In Taiga

In DVD/Blu-ray, H by Emily Williams

A director well-known for his exploration of extreme subjects and remote locations, Werner Herzog continues the work of 2007’s “Encounters at the End of The World” with his new film …

Happy Feet Two

In Films, H by David Watson

You can count on one flipper the number of sequels that