The Human Centipede II

In Films, H by David Watson

Mentally disturbed loner Martin (Laurence R. Harvey) lives with his mother in a crumbling ghetto housing block and works as a security guard in a subterranean multi-storey car park. Sexually …

Horrible Bosses

In DVD/Blu-ray, H by Matthew Looker

Everyone has had a boss that they’ve hated. Some may have even had homicidal daydreams about offing them.

Holy Rollers

In DVD/Blu-ray, H by Ben Winkley

In Brooklyn, Sammy Gold (Jesse Eisenberg) lives a preordained life as the oldest son of a solid Jewish family. He works for his father’s tailoring business, but is expected to …

Honey 2

In DVD/Blu-ray, H by Dale Barnett

Acting as a sequel to the 2004 film that put Jessica Alba firmly in the public eye, Honey 2 seeks to go boldly where Honey has gone before.


In DVD/Blu-ray, H by Emily Williams

A passionate attack on authoritarian power and a defence of the rights of the individual, Masaki Kobayashi’s Harakiri remains, nearly 50 years after its fi

Holding, The

In DVD/Blu-ray, H by David Watson

It’s been said before (almost definitely by me…) but you should never go to the country. If history has taught us nothing else, bad things happen there.

Heavenly Creatures

In DVD/Blu-ray, H by Shelley Marsden

Shelley Marsden – Hard to imagine that Peter ‘Lord of the Box Office’ Jackson was the man behind 1994’s Heavenly Creatures (or splatstick horror Braindead, for that matter).

The Help

In Films, H by Beth Webb - Events Editor

Of the newest generation to be released from Hollywood, Emma Stone was pegged as the one to watch.

Hunger Games, The

In Films, H by Beth Webb - Events Editor

With a dearth of movies aimed at PG-13 audiences of


In Films, H by David Watson

Living alone with her father Erik (Eric Bana) in a snowy forest high above the Arctic Circle, Hanna (Saoirse Ronan) is much like any other teenage girl. If that teenage …