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Chris Pratt For Indiana Jones?

It seems that if you’re looking to re-launch a franchise Chris Pratt is potentially your man having been cast in Jurassic World there are now rumours he could be set to replace Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones.  This is all merely a rumour at this point but Deadline are reporting that Disney are considering re-booting the Indiana Jones franchise and are potentially not going to be bringing Harrison Ford back for a fifth film in the current series.

Disney bought the rights to Indiana off Paramount when they sealed up the deal for that other little LucasFilm property known as Star Wars.  There is a hint of irony that while bringing Ford back as Han Solo in Star Wars: The Force Awakens they may look to replace him in his other massive franchise.  It’s hard to see anyone else donning the whip and fedora but Pratt has proved with Guardians Of The Galaxy that he has leading man credentials and that dry sense of delivery to match Ford.

Deadline do not mention if either of Indiana’s original creators George Lucas or Steven Spielberg would be involved in the reboot / remake but given Lucas has nothing to do with the new Star Wars film clearly there is no room for sentimentality in The House Of Mouse.

Of course Mr. Pratt has a fairly busy schedule at this point with Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 on its way, promotion for Jurassic World this summer and then starring opposite Denzel Washington in The Magnificent Seven remake.  So any potential whipping and fighting in the Indiana guise may have to wait a while.  Source – Deadline 

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