Chris Pratt & Jennifer Lawrence Could Be Passengers

In News by Alex Moss Editor

It’s been dormant in development for many years but now news comes that sci-fi Passengers could have its two leading stars in the form of Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence.  The Imitation Game’s Morten Tyldum is already on board to direct the film and there are strong rumours suggesting that two of Hollywood’s hottest acting properties Pratt and Lawrence are in talks to star.

Passengers sees a spaceship full of human colonists travelling across the universe in hyper-sleep for hundreds of years.  But when one passenger is awoken 90 years ahead of schedule it looks as if he is doomed to live out the rest of his life all alone while those around him sleep.  So he takes the risk of waking up another passenger in order to have some company.  But can she forgive him for waking her, can they become friends or perhaps more?

Prometheus writer John Spaihts has written the script so he knows a thing or two about space travel and hyper sleep, just ask Michael Fassbender.  While the bagging Lawrence and Pratt for the film would be a major coup there is the small matter of their schedule to be worried about.  Pratt has the likes of The Magnificent Seven and Cowboy Ninja Viking in the pipeline while Lawrence has X-Men: Apocalypse and David O. Russell’s Joy not to mention she’s just signed on to free-driving drama Dive.  Passengers could still be delayed in the departure lounge at this rate.  Source – The Wrap