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There is a strange sense of parallel universes that play out between Passengers journey to the big screen and the story of the film itself. In 2007 Jon Spaihts’ screenplay was on The Black List – a list of Hollywood’s mos...

Passengers Mind The Gap

Emma Clarke, an award-winning voiceover artist best known for her ‘mind the gap’ announcements on the London Underground, is set to star alongside Hollywood A-listers Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt in upcoming $120million sc...


Films To Excite In 2016

It’s awards season and while Hollywood is falling over themselves to give each other resounding pats on the back it’s easy to forget there’s a whole twelve months of films ahead to get excited about. So, once again, Edito...


Chris Pratt & Jennifer Lawrence Could Be Passengers

It’s been dormant in development for many years but now news comes that sci-fi Passengers could have its two leading stars in the form of Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence.  The Imitation Game’s Morten Tyldum is alr...