Could John Carpenter Head To Dead Space?

In News by Alex Moss Editor

John Carpenter, the cult director known on Twitter as The Horror Master and for good reason after films such as The Thing and Halloween, has expressed an interest in directing an adaptation of EA’s video game franchise Dead Space.  Talking to Game Informer, and later repeating the sentiment on Twitter, Carpenter said he would love to direct the film which he thinks is ripe for a cinematic adaptation in the vein of Ridley Scott’s Alien.  The game actually has a lot in common with Carpenter’s The Thing and sees an engineer board a massive space ship which is a drift above a mysterious planet.  On board he discovers the crew have been transformed into flesh eating creatures known as Necromorphs which can only be killed by chopping them into tiny, little, fleshy chunks.  The game series now has three instalments with the first two focusing on survival horror while the third has gone the route of James Cameron’s Aliens by upping the action quota.  Carpenter certainly has the credentials to bring Dead Space to life but hasn’t directed since 2010’s The Ward.  If he does get the chance to direct the film we can only hope he brings Rob Bottin to perform the drippingly, brilliant practical effects of The Thing.  Source – Game Informer and John Carpenter via Twitter