Could The Expendables Raid The Raid?

In News by Alex Moss Editor

The Expendables 3 looks to be continuing its recruitment drive with star and original director Sylvester Stallone teasing more titbits via his Twitter account.  It seems Mickey Rourke, who starred in the first Expendables movie but was noticeably absent for the second, will return for the third film.  Furthermore, Sly went on to say that Wesley Snipes is indeed on board and is anxious to fight his way back to the top.  When asked what the plan was Stallone responded with “Ask Jackie Chan” further compounding rumours that the high kicking, action-man would also be a new addition to the Expendables team.

But the really interesting news is Stallone mentioning last year’s brilliant The Raid as a film that he believes The Expendables can match or even better in the action stakes.  Somehow, given the pedigree of the films thus far, that seems unlikely but Stallone went on to state that he was thinking of “raiding The Raid”.  Now clearly this could involve sticking The Expendables in a building and having them fight their way out but that seems a little like property theft, so could it be that Stallone is hoping to convince The Raid’s breakout star Iko Uwais to appear?  He’s certainly got the action ability having been nothing short of dazzling in Gareth Evans’ film.  Perhaps a villainous role is calling?  The film is set to be directed by Red Hill director Patrick Hughes but it is unclear who of the original two films’ cast will be returning other than those already mentioned, and Stallone, obviously.  So what do you think?  Could The Expendables do with an Uwais injection?  The thought of seeing Chand Vs. Uwais is a tantalising prospect.  Make it happen Sly.  Source – Sylvester Stallone on Twitter via Coming Soon