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Drive Angry 3D

The last couple of years have seen Nicolas Cage become somewhat of a cult internet icon thanks to his outrageous acting method and some myth-like facts about his home life.

last couple of years have seen Nicolas
become somewhat of a cult internet icon thanks to his outrageous
acting method and some myth-like facts about his home life. It only seems
right, then, that he would eventually star in a B-movie style film with all the
cult elements to match the man that launched a thousand internet memes. In
this, Drive Angry, he has found a film that is every bit as ridiculous and
overblown as the Cage legend himself – and just as fun – despite the actor
himself turning in an uncharacteristically subdued performance.

stars as Milton, a man who has escaped from Hell and is out to get vengeance
against the Satanic cult that murdered his daughter and kidnapped her baby for
use in a sacrificial ritual. Along the way, he meets Piper (Heard), a waitress in Louisiana, and
saves her from an abusive, cheating boyfriend, stealing his car in the process.

then helps Milton track down his granddaughter and rescue her from cult leader
Jonah King (Burke), but they are
also being followed by The Accountant (Fichtner),
an employee of Satan who has been sent to Earth to capture Milton and drag him
back to Hell.

the set-up as fantastical and absurd as this, the film would be remiss if it
didn’t have scenes and dialogue to match but, rightfully so, the film delivers
preposterous action and quirky one-liners to suit its already outlandish
concept. The stand-out set-piece comes halfway through the movie as Milton is
seen having sex with a barmaid in a hotel room, only to be set upon by a gang
of King’s men. What follows is a super slow-motion shootout scene as Milton
manages to kill each of the thugs in turn, all while the barmaid is
still…er…’attached’ to him.

Cage remains the stoic anchor throughout this bizarre story, unusually saying
very little in his role as the unemotional Milton, Fichtner manages to steal
the show as The Accountant, Satan’s little helper with supernatural powers and
a wry sense of humour. Impervious to harm and dogged in his determination to
catch Milton, The Accountant provides many of the film’s comic moments, with
Fichtner allowing just a flicker of a smile and a glimmer of light in his eye
to show that he is as much amused by the situation as he is duty-bound to
correct it.

the film is a deliberately bad and trashy B-Movie, made with zero credibility
and optimum fun in mind. Seeing as it was filmed and released with 3D in mind,
some of the visual spectacle won’t be quite as impressive on a 2D screen but
this is not a movie to be watched for the special effects; it’s to be enjoyed
for the sheer cheek of the filmmakers.

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