House of the Long Shadows Blu-ray Unboxing

In Features by Samuel Love

Cult 1983 comedy horror House of the Long Shadows is an entertaining romp, ripe for reappraisal. Thanks to the lovely folks at Fabulous Films, that is made very enticing by a new high-def remaster.

Our Paula Hammond said: “House of the Long Shadows feels like one of those films you discover on late night TV that you know wouldn’t be as fun or as engaging if you were sober. Watch without expectations. Watch for the joy of seeing four horror icons do what they do best. But do watch. Peter Walker himself said “it’s…not as bad as I thought”. In fact, despite what you may have heard—and read—it’s not that bad at all.”

We took a closer look at the new Blu-ray, boasting beautiful new artwork from Graham Humphreys – included as a poster, ready for your wall! 


The three masters of horror; Vincent Price, Peter Cushing, and Christopher Lee, are back in the return of the classic gothic thriller. In a deserted house, a desperate writer comes seeking a story. When a beautiful girl comes to the rescue, he almost loses a wager, and his life. In this house there is a room for every nightmare, and a nightmare in every room. Now remastered in High Definition, enjoy this top-notch horror from cult filmmaker Peter Walker featuring the three greatest horror stars of all time.

Bonus Features

  • Audio Commentary by Director Pete Walker and Derek Pykett
  • Pete Walker’s House of Horror
  • House of the Long Shadows….Revisited
  • Photo Gallery
  • Trailer
  • Double-sided poster of new Graham Humphreys artwork

HOUSE OF THE LONG SHADOWS is available on DVD and Blu-ray from Fabulous Films now