Janet’s Animation Corner: A Popsicle Too Far?

In Features by Janet Leigh

Last month the If/Then Broadway megastar, dreamy-voiced Menzel (swoon, I love her, she’s the best) created a stir during an interview with the Telegraph when she suggested that there could be a follow-up to Frozen.  The flurry of excitement ever since has been insane. Hardly surprising when billions, literally billions, skated to the to cinema to watch the stunning animation, beefing up the box office sales to a whopping $1.27bn.

I was one of these who sat in the cinema – confectionary to the ready – and was instantly hooked. Captivated from beginning to end, I suspect I am not the only one who eternally wants to build a snowman. So why am so I against a sequel? It’s simple. Why ruin a good thing?

The magic of Frozen was so nicely wrapped up in a tight bow. The ending was satisfactory, with no questions left unanswered, allowing audiences to happily skip off to the sound of Let It Go humming in our brains. Why tarnish the brilliance of the first with what could only, at best, be mediocre by comparison?

A sequel would be the equivalent to overdoing it on the cinema pic a mix. It seems a good idea at the time, tastes so damn deliciously sweet, but by the end of tub you’ve skimmed past enjoyment and are just about ready to vom. In other words: cram enough Frozen down our gobs and we will be sick of it.

There is also the other glaringly obvious fact. Disney seem to have a long list of lack-luster follow-up movies – almost as long as the list if their successful sequels. The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea, Cinderella II: Dreams Come True, Pocahontas II: Journey To A New World…need I add 101 Dalmatians II to the cringing stack to drive my point home?

But hey, who knows? Maybe the Frozen sequel won’t be a disappointment… so long a ‘II’ is omitted from the title all together. Perhaps that’s simply where all the trouble lies?

In any case all this could be a moot point, as Disney has yet to officially confirm a Frozen 2 is actually in the pipelines but I know you were just dying to hear my two pence on things.