Man Of Steel Sequel Incoming

In News by Alex Moss Editor

Man Of Steel, the latest film in the Superman cannon, is set to get a sequel.  Not yet released in cinemas over here till Friday, it seems that positive test screenings combined with solid reviews and good pre-sales means that a sequel was probably always a forgone conclusion.  Writer David Goyer, director Zack Synder and producer Christopher Nolan will all return for the sequel to serve in their now familiar roles.  Nolan will take a slightly smaller producing role, presumably because he’s busy directing his own film Interstellar, and it is expected, although not official, that Henry Cavill will return as Superman.  Where this leaves the potential Justice League film which Synder was also rumoured to be directing is anyone’s guess but perhaps Warner, as Marvel did with Iron Man, want to release two films of their key superhero team before ploughing ahead with the League.  Man Of Steel is released 14th June.  Source – Deadline