Marvel Looking For Diesel Power?

In News by Alex Moss Editor

Vin Diesel, the actor last seen speeding his way round London in Fast & Furious 6, has revealed that he has been called in for a meeting by Marvel.  On his Facebook page the actor stated “ Marvel has requested a meeting…no idea for what…haha, you probably no better than me.”  While the comment clearly doesn’t give anything away it does make the mind race as to what Marvel might be interested in talking to the actor about.  Given Marvel’s huge universe of characters there are a number Diesel would be perfect for, one of them being a certain Luke Cage.  But it could also be that they want to see if he’d be up for a bit of villainy by playing Thanos in Avengers 2?  So what do you think?  Who could Diesel play in the Marvel universe?  Could he be up for Ant-Man, probably not but you never know.  Before he appears in any Marvel guise, Diesel will next be seen in Riddick.  Source – Facebook