Michael Biehn Will Return For Blomkamp’s Alien Film

In News by Alex Moss Editor

Having seen some of Neil Blomkamp‘s concept artwork for his new Alien film it has been widely speculated that Michael Beihn would return as Hicks for the film.  Well, stop your grinnin’ and drop your linen because Michael Beihn WILL return in Blomkamp’s Alien film as he himself confirmed via his Instagram account.

The man who also battled The Terminator said “I will be reprising my role as ‘Cpl.’ (Not for long…) Dwayne Hicks. With the go ahead, Hicks will return with Ripley in Mid 2017. Perhaps Hicks and Ripley well eventually get to second base in this one…” – so it looks as though Hicks is either due a promotion OR a potential honourable or dishonourable discharge from the Colonial Marines.  Beihn has said that shooting will start this July which seems incredibly early given there has been no word of a script just yet but perhaps Blomkamp already had one up his sleeve when all this was announced.

What is known about the new Alien film is that it will follow on directly from James Cameron’s Aliens and take place before David Fincher’s Alien 3 meaning of course that Hicks did not die in the Sulaco crash.  Blomkamp’s concept art shows that Hicks was badly scarred from the acid burn he received in Aliens so Mr. Beihn may have to get ready to be sitting in the make-up chair and sweaty prosthetics for a while. Sigourney Weaver is also returning to the franchise as Ripley but as yet there is no word on Newt who of course Ripley was devastated to discover was dead in Alien 3, could it be that to by-pass that character she’ll simply be left in cryo-sleep for this instalment? Who knows, we’re hoping to see a repaired Bishop in the form of Lance Henriksen returning to the fold as well. To quote Apone “Somebody wake up Hicks!”  Source – Michael Beihn on Instagram