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A Monster Calls

Director J.A. Bayona (best known for 2007’s The Orphanage) teams up with his long-time cinematographer and collaborator, Oscar Faura, to conjure a stunning and, if somewhat sentimental, moving Gothic fairy-tale in his lat...


Michael Biehn Will Return For Blomkamp’s Alien Film

Having seen some of Neil Blomkamp‘s concept artwork for his new Alien film it has been widely speculated that Michael Beihn would return as Hicks for the film.  Well, stop your grinnin’ and drop your linen because M...


Having stunned with his debut District 9, Chappie director Neil Blomkamp’s sophomore film Elysium had grand ideas but a difficult narrative thread. So for his robot-come-to-life latest Chappie it makes sense for Blomkamp to ret...


UPDATE! Could Blomkamp’s Alien 5 Happen?

UPDATE! – Yes that’s right, sound the update klaxon because it turns out Neil Blomkamp’s vision of an Alien movie, which are as the below images show; tantalising, IS A GO!! Express elevator to Hell going DOWN...

Exodus: Gods And Kings

Earlier this year we had Noah so, with the Old Testament being the must-adapt book of the moment, Exodus: Gods And Kings seems a logical step. Because while millions of people may read The Hunger Games and 50 Shades Of Grey the...