More Transporter Movies Inbound

In News by Alex Moss Editor

The Transporter, the hit film franchise that starred Jason Statham in three movies before moving into TV with Chris Vance in the lead role, is looking to get more cinematic outings.  Luc Besson’s EuropaCorp has agreed a deal at this year’s Cannes Film Festival to produce another three instalments in the franchise.  Statham fans should check their pulse though as there is no word if he’ll return for the next three movies or whether Besson and co will find someone else to fill the role.  The reality is that while The Transporter helped launch Statham as an action man he’s moved on to other things and may be reluctant to step back between the wheel.  Given his recent cameo in another action franchise (no spoilers here but it’s a great moment) he may be too busy to step back into Frank Martin’s shoes.

For those who have avoided The Transporter films, they see Statham as Frank Martin, a high-speed deliveryman for hire who adheres to a strict professional code, unless the people he is working for force him to break it, which is most of the time.  The three films have all been budgeted around the $30-40 million mark with at least one tapping into the current trend of the Chinese market and being shot in China.  So what do you think?  Can The Transporter work on the big screen without The Stath or should Besson be oiling up his bank manager to convince Statham to return.   Source – The Hollywood Reporter