No Man of God – Special Edition Blu-ray Unboxing

In Features by Samuel Love

One of the highlights of #FrightFest2021, Amber Sealey’s magnificent No Man of God, makes its Blu-ray debut thanks to 101 Films in a beautiful Special Edition Blu-ray. 

Here’s what we had to say about the film…

“No Man of God may not have anything particularly fresh to say on the Ted Bundy legend or indeed the true-crime subgenre in general, but two richly compelling performances and excellent direction from Amber Sealey elevates this one to a high recommendation.” (More…)

And here’s a closer look at the stunning new release…

This Limited Edition Blu-ray features ‘rigid box’ packaging, newly-commissioned artwork, a set of art cards and extended interviews with stars Elijah Wood, Luke Kirby and Aleksa Palladino.

Delve into the mind of notorious serial killer Ted Bundy in this gripping drama from director Amber Sealey. Based on actual interview transcripts, and starring Elijah Wood (The Lord of the Rings), Luke Kirby (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel) and Aleksa Palladino (The Irishman), No Man of God recounts the final years of Bundy’s life, as the FBI make one last attempt to secure the truth about his horrific crimes.

Bill Hagmaier (Elijah Wood), an agent in the FBI’s Behavioural Analysis Unit, is assigned to probe the dangerous mind of convicted serial killer Ted Bundy (Luke Kirby) prior to his execution. Considered by his superiors to have little chance of gaining insight into the motives and actions of the guarded and evasive Bundy, Hagmaier nonetheless establishes a rapport with the killer, but with time running out before Bundy is given the chair, can Hagmaier get the answers he’s looking for and gain closure for the victims’ families?

Limited Edition Blu-ray contents:

– Interview with Elijah Wood

– Interview with Luke Kirby

– Interview with Aleksa Palladino

– Limited edition rigid-box packaging with brand-new commissioned art by Thomas Walker

– Limited edition artcards

NO MAN OF GOD is available now