Run, Man, Run

In DVD/Blu-ray by Paula Hammond - Features Editor

RATING: 4/5.

A fast and fun Sergio Sollima ’60s Spaghetti Western, Run, Man, Run arrives on blu-ray, from a definitive 4K restoration, this month.

Presented as part of Eureka Entertainment’s The Masters of Cinema Series Sollima’s third and final western stars Tomas Milian as Cuchillo—the crafty knife thrower from The Big Gundown.

After aiding in the escape of a fellow desperado,  Cuchillo goes on the hunt for a stash of gold intended for the Mexican Revolution. Cue corrupt officials, American gunslingers, mercenaries, bandits, and even a fiancé—all after the loot!

Brimming with superb action sequences, iconic performances, and enlivened with a brilliant score from Bruno Nicolai and Ennio Morricone, Run, Man, Run is the quintessential Italian Western—heavy on politics and macho-posturing.

While Sollima’s work is arguably not as as stylish as Sergio Leone’s, Cuchillo is certainly a classic antihero—charming, dangerous, and not always on the side of the angels. However, unlike Eastwood’s Man With No Name, Cuchillo is a whimsical character, whose evolution from petty thief to revolutionary is the focus of Solima’s three-film arc.

Long regarded as too comedic to be a serious western, and too political to be a straight crime-caper, there’s a lot more to Run, Man, Run than meets the eye. And Eureka’s re-release is the perfect time to reassess this fast and fun feature.

It’s also worth noting that this is the first time that the film has been issued in blu-ray—and with a limited run of 3000 copies only. Grab while you can. 


  • Limited edition slipcase featuring new artwork by Tony Stella.
  • Limited edition reversible poster.
  • 1080p presentation on Blu-ray from a definitive 4K restoration of the original uncut version of the film, with additional colour grading completed exclusively for this release.
  • Optional English subtitles, newly translated for this release.
  • Restored English and Italian audio options (original mono presentations.)
  • Brand new audio commentary with writers Barry Forshaw and Kim Newman (Uncut Version).
  • Brand new interview with film scholar Stephen Thrower.
  • Alternate opening credits.
  • Theatrical Trailer.


  • Run, Man, Run – The Theatrical Cut (85 mins) – the original theatrical release version of the film, presented in 1080p from a 4K restoration with additional colour grading completed exclusively for this release (Limited Edition Exclusive).
  • Brand new audio commentary with author Howard Hughes and filmmaker Richard Knew (Theatrical Version – Limited Edition Exclusive.
  • Reversible sleeve.
  • A collector’s booklet featuring two new essays by Howard Hughes, covering both the film and the “Zapata Western” sub-genre.

Director: Sergio Sollima.
Cast: Tomas Milian, Donald O’Brien, Chelo Alonso, Linda Veras, John Ireland, Nello Pazzafini, Marco Guglielmi, Luciano Rossi, José Torres, Gianni Rizzo, Federico Boido.
Certificate: 12.
Runtime: 120 mins.
Language: Italian/Spanish with optional English subtitles.