Schwarzenegger Up For Some Toxic Avenging

In News by Alex Moss Editor

Arnold Schwarzenegger, last seen in The Last Stand and re-teaming with Sly Stallone later this year for The Escape Plan, is in talks to join The Toxic Avenger reboot.  Before you start making all manner of rude Arnie jokes it seems he isn’t in line to play the main character.  The story of The Toxic Avenger sees caretaker Melvin, a socially awkward cleaner at a health spa whose life consists of people being generally mean to him, who is thrown into a vat of toxic waste by a gang of criminals.  But instead of killing him Melvin returns as a drippy faced mutant with increased strength.  With his new found powers The Toxic Avenger starts to right the wrongs of the criminal underworld around him.  The original film was released back in 1984 and went on to become something of a cult classic spawning two sequels.  If Arnie signs on he’ll play The Exterminator, a former Black-Ops soldier, who teaches Toxi how to use his powers for good.  The film is looking to drum up funding at this year’s Cannes Film Festival with Hot Tub Time Machine Steve Pink set to write and direct the film.  Before that Schwarzenegger will be seen opposite Sam Worthington and Josh Holloway in David Ayer’s action thriller Ten.  Source – Coming Soon