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Sex Symbols – The Men

In need of some fun distraction from the ominous clouds gathering outside your office window? Cheesed off that summer has been a total washout so far? Don’t worry, Shelley Marsden has some seriously hot and steamy screen stars to get your temperature soaring!

In need of some fun
distraction from the ominous clouds gathering outside your office window?
Cheesed off that summer has been a total washout so far? Don’t worry, Shelley
Marsden has some seriously hot and steamy screen stars to get your temperature

join us as we take our pick of cinema’s hottest male actors and their best ever
movies, including a couple of golden oldies whose sexy star quality will never
fade …

Javier Bardem

smouldering Spaniard. The first man from his country to win an Oscar for Best
Supporting Actor (for his role as sociopathic killer Anton Chigurh in No Country For Old Men), and husband to
the equally sexy Penelope Cruz, has
sex appeal oozing out of every pore. He has argued that people find him sexy
purely because of his fame, but we beg to differ. His electrically-charged
on-screen persona was clear for all to see way back when he played the
flamboyant Cuban writer Reynaldo Arenas in one of his first movies, 2000’s Before Night Falls.

Best Film: As sought-after free spirited sex symbol Juan Antonio in Woody Allen’s Vicky Christina Barcelona
Played by anybody else, you’d probably have thought the guy who
wanted to sleep with both his ex and the two visiting foreign girls was just a
total knob, but Bardem pulls this role off with pizzazz.

Marlon Brando

James Dean. Marlon Brandon was the
original rebel of the big screen. One of the original sex symbols of cinema,
the late actor entranced audiences with his smouldering on-screen performances.
None more so than as Stanley Kowalski in A
Streetcar Named Desire (1951).
A total bad-boy and unashamed wild child,
both on and off screen, his good looks, acting skills and his whole new way of
dressing spawned a generation of teens imitating his moody style. This tough
guy would wear a pair of jeans to go with his love of motorbikes to the premier
of a movie, which in the ‘50s was pretty out there. Not only was he hot as
hell, Brando became a symbol for the social upheaval of 1950s America and an
entirely new way of behaving.

Best Film: Brandon’s raw talent and magnetism shine through in his
breakthrough role in The Wild One
about two rival motorcycle gangs that terrorize a small town after
one of their leaders is sent to prison.

Vincent Cassel

French husband of Italian actress Monica
(who made it into our recent Sirens And Sexpots feature), Vincent
Cassel – who made his name in Parisian gang thriller La Haine – isn’t an obvious choice. The L’Oreal model is now over
40, and he’s far from boy-next-door cute. In fact you probably don’t want to
bump into him in a dark alleyway. But it’s his dark, violent, intense roles
(remember him as the sleazy director of a ballet company in Black Swan?) that give him his
dangerous charm. For a character actor, it’s not so strange that he looks
completely different in every role, but for a sex symbol, it kinda is. Just
shows you, it takes all sorts in the laws of attraction.

Best Film: Mesrine: Killer Instinct (2008) – the first of Cassel’s two
Mesrine films, this one telling how Jacques Mesrine’s early life and
disaffection led to him becoming one of France’s most notorious bank robbers.

Colin Farrell

bit of a loose cannon (and don’t we love that!), Colin Farrell exudes all the
dark, rugged charm of Ireland. He
may not be able to stay with the same lady for more than five minutes, but that
hasn’t put off his hordes of female fans. Jamie
once said he believes the key to the 36-year-old’s success with the
ladies lies in the fact, like many a good Irish lad, that he’s a total mammy’s
boy, “He’s so close to his mom, sisters, parents–he is like a little boy.
I think that’s what the girls like about him. How he treats his family.” The Miami Vice star’s next role is as the lead in Total Recall and we reckon he’ll bring more sex appeal to the
remake than Arnie did to the original…

Best Film: In Bruge (2008), the brilliant black comedy starring Farrell and
Brendan Gleeson as two hitmen in
hiding, with Ralph Fiennes as their
gangster boss. Farrell exuded his
usual sexiness, but showed he could pull off quirky and funny into the bargain.
He won a Golden Globe for this.

Alain Delon

his day, Delon was simply beautiful and the camera loved him from every single
angle. What cheekbones! Now 76, the French-Swiss megastar kicked off his career
after a meeting at the1957 Canne Film Festival, after fighting for the French
marines in Indochina. He would go onto make 87 films under the direction of Yves Allegret. His most famous roles
include Mélodie En Sous-sol (Melody in
Basement), Le Samourai, Le Cercle Rouge (The Red Circle) and Rocco Et Ses
Freres (Rocco and His Brothers).
The quintessential lady’s man.

Best Film: Suspend disbelief and check him out in caper film Farewell, Friend (1968), where he spends
at least half the movie semi-naked as he competes with testosterone-fuelled
machismo with a young Charles Bronson.

Johnny Depp

yet how could we leave the Depp off the list? He’s the epitome of sexy and
smart, with those dark eyes and impressive cheekbones. One of modern cinema’s
most gifted and versatile actors, the years pass and Johnny Depp never loses
one iota of sex appeal, not even when he’s playing Mad Hatters, drug-addled
gonzo journalists or strange blokes with scissors instead of hands. Even
playing a stoned pirate with dubious personal hygiene, he’s good enough to eat.
We were gutted to hear he had split up recently with long-term partner Vanessa Paradis, but secretly, it means
we can dream of snaring him ourselves one day!

Best Film: Chocolat (2000). Not his best film per se, but as Roux, the
jewellery-making, guitar-strumming gypsy (let’s not talk about the Irish accent
he attempted) who ends up falling for Juliette
character, his charm is undeniable.

Michael Fassbender

Irishman, eh?! Michael Fassbender,
who has Irish and German ancestry, has swiftly risen through the ranks to
become one of the most brilliant young actors in cinema today. Whether he’s
playing a scary Lieutenant (Inglorious
), a sex-craved city loner (Shame),
a marvellously deadbeat android named David (Prometheus) or a psychotherapist (A Dangerous Method)
who in one notable scene gets to spank Keira
, Fassbender is magnetic. The camera loves that intense face and
those fathomless blue eyes and so, it would seem, do we. He’s not on the market
though, ladies – he’s currently steeping out with his Shame co-star Nicole Beharie.

Best Film: Shame (2011). Even as
a deeply sad, sex addicted city dweller whose only comfort is online porn,
Fassbender brings a belief and empathy to each role. A total chameleon of film.

James Franco

when hacking his own arm off in Danny Boyle’s 127 Hours, this guy is all about highbrow sex appeal. The thinking woman’s crumpet. He was
brilliant in 2008 stoner comedy Pineapple
, and equally memorable amongst a plethora of meaty roles as Sean Penn’s boyfriend in the Harvey
Milk biopic Milk of the same year.
In keeping with his own highbrow interests, he has had a memoir-style series of
poems published, Palo Alto, and lofty ambitions including plans to direct a
film version of William Faulkner’s As I
Lay Dying
. He is currently adapting a film version of Cormac McCarthy’s 1973 novella Child
Of God
. Oh, and the 34 year old Californian teaches a uni class in New York
about converting poetry to film. Bet that one’s not over-subscribed. Much…

Best Film: It’s hard to watch,
but one of his most convincing portrayals to date is still the award-winning
127 Hours Later, in which he portrays real-life mountain climber Aron Ralston’s
struggle to free his hand from a boulder.

Ryan Gosling

modern generation’s Steve McQueen,
of all the foxy young acting talent out there, Gosling is the man the word
‘charisma’ was most made for. Not many of his contemporaries could have pulled
off his almost mute performance in the atmospheric neo-noir thriller Drive (Main Picture) but he carries the entire movie
with the power of his screen presence. The 31-year-old Canadian, presently
dating Eva Mendes (boo hiss), also
shines alongside Michelle Williams
in the melancholy Blue Valentine,
and was stunning as a high school teacher battling a drugs problem in Half Nelson. And let us not forget The
, the slushy 2004 romantic drama, co-starring Rachel McAdams that first brought Gosling to a worldwide audience.

Best Film: Yes, it has to be Drive (2011). Adapted from the 2005 James Sallis novel of the same name,
this is a car-chase film with a difference. As a Hollywood stunt performer who
moonlights as a getaway driver, Gosling is pure eye candy throughout, but his
acting skills also make this movie utterly absorbing. Oh, great soundtrack too.

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