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The Predator

Let’s lay it out: what makes a good action movie? (a.) a team that can be introduced in a few quick brush-strokes, but still seem solidly believable; (b.) a hero who manages to be both an everyman and extra-ordinary; (c.) chara...

John Wick

Time was when the One-Man-Army subgenre of action movies was the cornerstone of the likes of Arnie, Sly and Bruce. You know, go in to a fight out-manned and out-gunned and yet still come out grinning the other side with a wise ...

DVD And Blu-ray


If the psychological thriller genre lends itself to clichés – and some would certainly argue it does – Confine seems determined to pack as many of these in to its opening minute as possible. The first shot shows main character ...



TOO SCARED TO STAY, TOO SCARRED TO LEAVE CONFINE IN CINEMAS, ON DVD & ON DEMAND FROM 1ST JULY 2013 Featuring a stand-out performance from Daisy Lowe in her first lead role, CONFINE is a taut psychological thriller that hits...