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DVD And Blu-ray

Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice

Boring. Over-inflated. Self-important. Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice has endured a lot of abuse since it lumbered onto the big screen back in June. But the release of the Ultimate Edition on DVD, Blu-Ray, and UV, gives fan...

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Bruce Wayne takes on Clark Kent, The Dark Knight brawls it out with the Man of Steel, Batman vs Superman….however you phrase it, it’s an epic battle fans have been aching to see and it’s a long time coming. Director Zack Snyder...


Don’t Blame The Superheroes

Last week Cinema Editor James Hay posed a question regarding the saturation of superhero movies in cinema. Let’s be honest, a look at next year’s big tent-pole movies tells its own story. We’re talking: Batman Vs Superman, Suic...


Have Superheroes Reached Saturation?

In a new series of features Cinema Editor James Hay asks if audiences are beginning to grow weary of the  superhero saturation in movies currently, and for the foreseeable future, gracing the silver screen?  With Spectre here a...

Michelle MacLaren To Direct Wonder Woman

With Wonder Woman set to make a much anticipated appearance in Batman Vs. Superman DC and Warners rightly thought it was about time the Amazonian Princess known as Diana Prince needed a stand-alone film, and potential franchise...