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King of New York 4K

Director Abel Ferrara is primarily known for the provocative and controversial content in his films, having made his debut in pornography in 1976 before first drawing his cult audience in ’79 with his ultraviolent urban slasher...
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Heaven’s Gate

Widely heralded as the film that killed the director driven era of Hollywood, Heaven’s Gate was considered a catastrophic failure.  Made for, at the time, a whopping $44 million it made only $3 million back at the domestic box ...

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Stand Up Guys

Once was a time when having Al Pacino and Christopher Walken on the poster, as Stand Up Guys can boast, would have been the guarantee of box office plenty and probably an armful of gongs come awards season. But time passes. Nei...
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A Late Quartet

A Late Quartet is a model of class, directed with confidence, acted to perfection and boasting a rare and potent classical soundtrack.  First time director Yaron Zilberman explores the subculture of classical musicians, their d...


A Late Quartet

A LATE QUARTET ON DVD & BLU RAY 29 JULY 2013 The Fugue Quartet has performed together for over 25 years, attracting worldwide acclaim. But when one member admits that time may have finally caught up with him the group finds...

Seven Psychopaths

After the resounding success of In Bruges, Seven Psychopaths’ writer-director Martin McDonagh was presumably given carte blanche for his next project. In some ways letting his breathless style of endlessly quotable dialogue mix...