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Superman: Man Of Tomorrow

Superman: Man Of Tomorrow is the 41st film in DC’s ever-expanding animated universe movies series. And while the Superman origin-story is perhaps one we’re all a little too familiar with, this new outing has some welcome surpri...

Superheroes Who Break The Mould

Directed by Dean Israelite, Saban’s 2017 POWER RANGERS sees the teen-heroes fight stereotypes as well as evil. In this much-anticipated reboot, audiences will discover some important changes to the team including the introducti...


Cinema Craic: Thinking Big

In François Truffaut’s film, Fahrenheit 451, there’s a scene that always sticks with me. The Firemen have just raided a house looking for books. They hit the Mother Load. A hidden room full of prohibited tomes. Just how did the...

Films To Excite In 2016

It’s awards season and while Hollywood is falling over themselves to give each other resounding pats on the back it’s easy to forget there’s a whole twelve months of films ahead to get excited about. So, once again, Edito...


Ryan Reynolds And Deadpool Have A Message For You

In recent weeks there has been some of a palaver over what kind of certificate the makers of the new Deadpool movie would be aiming for.  Given Deadpool’s normal foul-mouth and habit of not giving a flying beatlebum about...


Ryan Reynolds Confirmed For Deadpool

It’s been in the pipeline for sometime now but it seems Ryan Reynolds will indeed return to the Marvel-verse to play The Merc With A Mouth, Deadpool. Reynolds originally played the character of Deadpool, whose real name i...

Reynolds Drops Out Of Highlander

Ryan Reynolds, not seen on screen since a brief cameo in Ted but heard recently in The Croods, has dropped out of the remake / reboot of Highlander.  It seems that after the film has seen directors Justin Lin and Juan Carlos Fr...