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DVD And Blu-ray


Blackhat ends a six-year absence from cinema for director Michael Mann. Throughout his career Mann has been a director of visual prowess. Even his more experimental dalliances with early digital technology, like the miss-judged...


A big dollop of form over function, Blackhat exhibits the usual lovely digital visuals we’ve come to expect from Michael Mann of late and some decent suspense and tension for what is essentially a computer-hacker thriller...

DVD And Blu-ray


Though best known for such stylish crime thrillers as Manhunter, Heat and Collateral, Michael Mann began his career as a documentary filmmaker. After graduating from the London Film School, Mann travelled to Paris in time for t...


Genre Defining

Let’s face it, for years films have been filed under labels known as genres.  It’s all to do with the content and style of a film that allows us to quickly sum up it in one fell swoop.  So here at Filmjuice we thought we’d try ...

Mann And Hazeldine Head To Agincourt

Michael Mann, the director behind crime classics Heat and Manhunter, is turning his attentions to a more period setting, like his Last Of The Mohicans, to bring to life Bernard Shaw’s novel Agincourt.  Exam writer/director Stua...