Mann And Hazeldine Head To Agincourt

In News by Alex Moss Editor

Michael Mann, the director behind crime classics Heat and Manhunter, is turning his attentions to a more period setting, like his Last Of The Mohicans, to bring to life Bernard Shaw’s novel Agincourt.  Exam writer/director Stuart Hazeldine has been drafted in to adapt Shaw’s book which tells the story of Nicholas Hook who has a death sentence on his head just as Henry V is about to battle the French at the battle of Agincourt.  But with his brilliant archery skills Hook comes to the attention of Henry and is spared, developing into a key warrior in Henry’s army while falling in love with a woman who he saved from a nasty priest.  The project was nearly brought to life back in 2009 when Tudor’s creator Michael Hirst circled it.  Mann is currently working on his cyber-crime-thriller with Chris Hemsworth and Viola Davis set to star.  Hazeldine meanwhile has written scripts for big productions such as Alex Proyas’ Paradise Lost and the currently in development Mosses epic Gods And Kings which had Steven Spielberg sniffing around at one point.  Source – Deadline