Jane Got A Gun But Loses A Cooper

In News by Alex Moss Editor

Jane Got A Gun, the Western set to star Natalie Portman which has been blighted by production issues, has now lost replacement villain Bradley Cooper.  The film, which will see Portman playing a woman trying to protect her husband and farm from a gang of gunmen and turning to a former lover in the shape of Joel Edgerton to help her, has already lost original director Lynne Ramsay as well as original villain Jude Law.  When Law departed Cooper stepped in to fill his role.  However, Cooper has had to pull out of the film due to genuine filming issues with his current David O. Russell project, American Hustle, which is shooting in Boston and has been delayed due to the recent bombings in the city.  That means that Portman, who is also on producing duties, along with new director Warrior’s Gavin Hood are looking for a new villain and are considering the likes of Tobey Maguire, Jake Gyllenhaal and, if we got our vote, Tom Hiddleston.  So just to keep everyone up to speed; Jane Got A Gun, lost a director, lost a villain, found a director, lost a villain and is now probably praying the Apocalypse doesn’t start before the film is wrapped.  Source – Deadline