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Mulholland Drive – 20th Anniv. 4K Unboxing

One of the most celebrated and discussed films of all time, David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive is celebrating 20 years with a glorious new 4K UHD set. With unique packaging befitting the surreal masterpiece, this stunning release i...
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Mulholland Drive

It is more than a coincidence that in the year David Lynch’s Twin Peaks returns to screens we also get a spruced up 4K edition of his masterpiece Mulholland Drive. Because, back when Lynch was beavering away with Agent Cooper a...


FilmJuice’s Favourite Movies Part One

Here at FilmJuice we are all a little obsessed with movies and if there’s one question we get asked a lot it’s: “What is your favourite movie?” – seeing as that would be like choosing a favourite child, or Ghostbuster (okay Ven...