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Liam Neeson Retrospective

Now considered one of Hollywood’s leading action stars, Liam Neeson wasn’t always the go-to man for high-octane thrills. His big breakthrough was in Steven Spielberg’s war drama Schindler’s List which he followed with Christmas...

Transporter: Sexy Cars Featurette

Fast cars, fast driving and fast women feature in abundance as The Transporter: Refuelled arrives on Blu-ray and DVD from 26th December. Ed Skrein leads in this thriller, ripping around the French Riviera in an Audi S8. Played ...


Liam Neeson: Ultimate Action Hero

When thinking of the world’s leading action man, there’s one name which springs straight to mind – Liam Neeson. To celebrate the home entertainment release of his latest action thriller, Run All Night, we take a look at Liam’s ...

Liam Neeson Talks A Walk Among Tombstones

Irish-born actor, Liam Neeson, is an unlikely action hero. Yet, film after film, he keeps coming up with new takes on the genre that are better than one before. Director Scott Frank’s thriller, A Walk Among The Tombstones, is h...