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Daniel Radcliffe Q&A

Daniel Radcliffe has been acting since the age of nine, when he played the young David Copperfield opposite Maggie Smith in the BBC’s 1999 adaptation of the classic Dickens story. But it was in 2001, when Radcliffe was cast as ...
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What If

Looking back over Daniel Radcliffe’s Harry Potter career there are glimpses that he might make a quirky lead in later life. But What If demonstrates more than anything that the Boy Wizard has a wonderfully self-deprecating scre...


What If

CAN MEN AND WOMEN EVER BE “JUST” FRIENDS? WHAT IF? AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD ON 2ND FEBRUARY AND AVAILABLE ON BLU-RAY™ AND DVD ON 9TH FEBRUARY 2015 Daniel Radcliffe stars in the refreshingly hilarious WHAT IF?, where boy-meets-girl...

Daniel Radcliffe On What If

What If features Daniel Radcliffe as the emotionally burned out Wallace, a medical school drop-out who falls in love with Chantry (Zoe Kazan) but fails to admit this to her when he finds out she’s in a long term relations...


What If

What If sees a young man struggles with his his deepening connection to a woman who is in a relationship.